Wuhan… wooohaaaaaa!

I was reading a book yesterday, published in 1981(!), about a manmade(!) virus, developed at a lab outside the city of… Wuhan.

The title of the book is The Eyes of Darkness and one can download it for free from the internet. It´s an easy read, a page turner! In fact, it is so well written, it´ll cost you only a couple of hours to read. But if you haven´t got the time or the patience, and you are still curious about that virus, leaf straight to page 180 (Chapter 39) and read from there.
I promise you it´ll give you the creeps!

It´s about testing a biological weapon, a virus, in Nevada…
Beg your pardon? Biological warfare is prohibited?
Wu-ha-han! Yeah, officially it is.
Anyway, it´s about a virus that only afflicts human beings. In fact, it can only survive within a human being. As long as that human being is alive, that is.
Some weapon, eh! Because when everybody´s bought the farm the virus has bought it as well, and the enemy can take hold of the country without any resistance. Ain´t it an absolute beaut!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...