Wow, all the networks!

Oh Donny Boy… Wow, all the networks calling it
From coast to coast your rivals’ lead does widen
The people’s hope, admit that you’ve been failing it
It’s time, it’s time you bow for Harris Biden

There’s no way back, your MAGA has been dwindling
Even Chinese, they built a better wall
Alternate truths proved nothing more than kindling
Oh Donny Boy, you stupid boy, it’s time to go

Since you’ve been here our values have been dying
Even your Sniffs has killed a lot of folk
You lied to us, there’s simply no denying
And we’ve become a global running joke

Me too shall hear your boorish tread above me
And all my grave shall so much colder be
For you will bend and mock me, that you fooled me
Can hardly bide… the day you come to me.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...