If “transgender” is the correct word to describe a person whose self-identity does not conform to conventional notions of male or female gender, then I suggest that we use the word “transnature” when referring to a person who is looking like a Caesar but is in fact a Pleaser, or vice versa (see my post of January 25th).
That is of course, unless someone has a better suggestion.

I suppose we have all, at least once during our lifetime, come across the cute and cuddly doggy that unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, can turn into a cold-hearted hostile bitch. I advise human Caesars trapped in the body of a Pleaser to move around a lot, not remaining longer than strictly necessary in the same place with the same people. In doing so they can still live a rich and full life.
However, if one is a Pleaser trapped in the body of a Caesar, one is really f….. Believe you me!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...