Trade-in voting: “My bucks for your ballot!”

In the past week alone roughly 15,000,000 US citizens went hungry as a result of the current crisis. Only the devil knows what the number will be in the next week. Or in the months ahead, in the run-up to the elections.

In Portuguese we say: a fome é negra — hunger is a dark place. And one who is starving, as a rule is not patient enough to wait until the 3rd of November to move into the light, which is so passionately promised by supporters of the Democratic ticket, featuring Biden and Harris. As hunger is a somewhat acute problem, it seems.  

The rich and powerful supporters of the president — and there seem to be quite a few of them among the hoards of witless — only need to mount a search-and-“rescue” operation for those who are starving. I am pretty sure that by the end of October they will have found plenty of victims who are willing to trade there right-to-vote for a fistful of dollars, or a crust of bread for their hungry children.

Why then is Trump at all opposing the idea of mail-in voting, you ask?

Easy! Him being a cheese-for-brain does not necessarily mean that the individuals around him are brain-dead as well. And those pulling his strings know all too well the law of physics that says: action is reaction. Therefore, the harder the powers-that-be let their Puppet-in-chief push back on the whole idea of mail-in voting, the more the Biden-Harris team will advocate it.

So, when the trade-in of mail-in will turn out to have been the deciding factor come November, having tipped the scales in Trump´s favour, the latter can cry victory, and for once and for all silence his opponents by saying: “Well, I tried to warn you, but… did you listen!”

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