To fuck or be fucked… that’s the question

To recap, in 2016 the British voter was asked whether the border with the EU were to remain open or closed. A question, by the way, which had already been decided upon by the British government in 1998 – the only land border with the EU was to remain open… forever.

So, I guess we can agree that holding the referendum in the first place was superfluous – if not, pretty stupid.

Therefore, the real conundrum now is: are we going to walk back the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, or the outcome of the referendum? Or, to put it in comprehensible modern English for the average voter, pretty much impervious it seems to argument: are you going to fuck the Irish or are you going to… go fuck yourself?

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. Arthur godfrey schreef:

    Too difficult for my small brain to grasp, but don’t the Swiss manage to do it? Are they not outside the EU, but have no border problems? I love Europe, but find the EU to be an unelected dictatorship that I don’t care for at all. Is it not run by a drunken Luxembourger and a fanatical Belgian federalist? Or have I missed something?

  2. Jaap Slager schreef:

    You got me there… I don’t know how it works at the Swiss borders. Last time I looked a customs officer ordered me to step outside the car. I thought for a moment I was in trouble, but he just wanted to check if my size corresponded to what my passport read. He could not believe a 6’7″ guy fitted behind the wheel of a VW Beatle.
    But that was 35 years ago. I admit I don’t know if there are any officers there now, or what the deal with the EU is.
    Interesting point though. Thanks!

  3. Jaap Slager schreef:

    And, yes, I must admit as well that I fully agreed with various comments made by Nigel Farage in the past on the absence of democracy in Brussels.