The oldest constitutional hypocrisy

Remember the main reason why the Founding Fathers were seeking independence at the time? 
Exactly, because Great Britain happened to have abolished slavery! The divided states of America stood all of a sudden united — we cannot have that! Such a profitable business, for crying out loud!

I must admit that I always thought people were wrong when they claimed that widespread corruption would only be found within the GOP at the top. Actually, I was convinced — perhaps cynically so — that it was a quite human feature, to be found among all walks of life.
Well, it seems they were right after all. For so many GOP officials at state level resisted the pressure from their president, who wanted them to fiddle with the results of the national presidential elections, stood firm, and did the right thing.
Indeed, it was only the GOP at the top that proved to have some eery watery substance running through their veins … and brains — watered-down milk or something.
Therefore, the aforementioned were right, and I was wrong.

I stand corrected!

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