The Kremlin gremlin

A wise man once said to me: ‘Whenever you encounter human behaviour that simply doesn’t make sense to you, there’s money involved – you can bet your life on it!
A powerful lesson.

Now, let me ask you: Does it make sense to anyone that the Leader of the Free World behaves like a puppet on a string to Moscow?

Despite the constant boasting about his entrepreneurial abilities, Trump has gone bankrupt several times over his career. The last time it happened, he was pulled out of his own (financial) swamp(!) by a bank whose owner is Russian. His name begins with a P. Guess who!

That in itself may not be illegal, but… do we actually need a probe, led by former FBI heavy-weight Mueller, into the question if there has been any collusion at all?
Just follow the money, Bob – Mr P has got Mr T in his wallet, for crying out loud!
Well, not Mr T himself of course, a picture of him.

The only reason I can think of why they started the project anyway is that they want to go about it very carefully – they want to wait and see what happens if the probe is closing in on the Sun…

No, no, no, I’m not talking about that Solar Probe that was launched yesterday. Sorry about that – my fault!
No, I was referring to the Sun next to Melanianot the one that Mercury is closest to. I actually meant the self-declared Sun King, you see, the SOB in chief.
Although the term Sun of a Bitch seems a bit hard on Melania, come to think of it. As Melania is derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘black’, we should probably call the SOB HBH, His Black Hole-ness.
As in ‘Ain’t black beautiful, Your Black Holeness? What would you like today, Your Black Holeness – a black eye, or shall I put the kettle on for a lovely cup of black tea, or shall we join in with the NFL and take a black knee?’

What’s that, reader?
Yes, I am well aware that I would lose you sooner or later. Sometimes you must be wondering why I am actually writing these blog posts when I keep scaring you off with my silly word games.
Well, as a matter of fact it is to keep my mind from clogging up, you see, from clogging with… silly word games.
It doesn’t serve any other purpose than that, I’m afraid, as HBH doesn’t read my posts anymore. He doesn’t even bother to pick up the phone himself when I call – I’m getting some fucking general lately.

It is only that, now that this one is off my chest, the next word game is waiting in line to sneakily creep on line. It’s a curse, you know – that’s what it is!

Well, to end on a more positive note then, I predict that, divisive as his presidency may seem right now, in the end HBH will bring the nation together – party lines will slowly fade away, and Republicans and Democrats will finally come to realise that what is binding them together, is far greater than their differences.

Yes, of course the GOP are still in denial – what did you expect? They are still in the phase of cognitive dissonance reduction (just like 324,000 European BMW drivers right now, I suspect) – il faut donner du temps au temps.
And, yes, of course HBH’s so-called base, though waning, will remain in place – sancta ignorantia, I suppose.
And, yes, Putin will do everything in his power to make his Master Plan (‘divide The West with a gremlin in the Oval Office’) work and still look credible –
Oh Donny Boy, the Stars and Stripes are falling,
From coast to coast and down the Rockies’ side,
Ol’ friends have gone and all of Congress stalling
Tis you, tis you must know, the West has died

Oh, and, by the way, make sure to slam some sanctions on me from time to time, you hear, so that no-one will suspect nothing!’

But in the end common sense will kick in…
What’s that?
Yes, even within the GOP, hahaha!

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