The GRAND (i)SLAMization (or: civilization is skindeep)

Exclusive ´kill and attack´ totalitarianism
It´s human arrogance, I suppose, to believe that one´s own culture is superior to others, and that other cultures serve a lesser God. That´s presumably why through the centuries Catholics c.s. deemed it quite normal to go and “christen heathen peoples” (and destroy their cultures and natural wealth in the process).

Inclusive ´never again´ liberalism
Less than eighty years ago the (Christian) world seemed to come to its senses after it had found out (the hard way) what a firm belief in one´s own superiority could lead to when taken to the extreme. A new respect for other peoples´ right to self-determination seemed to have taken root – a slow process of decolonization began, international alliances were formed (in order to protect and defend the new order and peace), and strongholds of extremism crumbled in the end.

Back to exclusive ´kill and attack´ totalitarianism
The world seemed to be finally heading in the right direction. So, now that some small extremist groups within Islam (same God, by the way; different Messenger) is trying to do exactly the same thing as Christianity has been doing throughout the centuries, one would have expected the new world order to be resilient enough to take a punch – or two, by turning the other cheek 😉 No way, José! It´s actually pretty sobering to see how fast (especially Anglo-Saxon) people throw off their sheep´s clothing and show their true atavistic nature.

A few idiots can rule the world
It turns out their wolfish spirit has never really disappeared. The idea of superiority has never gone away – the Übermensch syndrome always stayed alive, like a sleeper cell. If it was the intention of the aforementioned extremist groups to export the idea of superiority with utter disregard for human life – if that was their view of Islamization – their mission has been a huge success. The UK and the US have in this respect been “islamized” almost completely. Mind you, the “U” in both cases stands for “Un-united” nowadays!

Never say “never again”
The left-over liberal forces may stick it out for a while – desperately clinging to the outmoded Greek idea of democracy – but at the end of the day we all may have to face the naked truth: man is a fascist creature at heart.
I am sure that Christ and Mohamed were great guys, and mankind may even be able to live by their rules for a couple of generations, but… when push comes to shove the Cain inside us will always emerge. I mean, just put yourselves in the shoes, boomers, of those who have to witness all this shit for the second time in their life!

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