The darling buddies of May

´May is useless´, ´very weak leader´, ´not a leader at all´, ´hopelessly incompetent´ are some of the qualifications given by MPs to describe today´s(!) Prime Minister. They are to be expected, I suppose, coming from the opposition. The thing is, it´s her own party members, Tories, who say these things about her.

Therefore, the next question is in order, I guess: Why is she still PM? 

The answer to that question may come as a surprise to those holding Conservative Party MPs in high regard. She is still PM because forcing a leadership challenge may make a general election unavoidable. And none of them want a general election, preferably ever and certainly not for the next four years.

So, don´t be surprised if after tonight´s secret ballot Her Majesty´s next Prime Minister is… May.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...