Short memories

In the run-up to ‘WWIII’, I watched a lot of experts come up with the wildest theories about why dictator Putin covets Ukraine. Stuff like… it being the crown jewel of Russia etcetera, etcetera. I feel the truth is a wee bit less romantic…

Within the timespan of a bit over a hundred years, Western European armies marched over the plains north of the Caucasus and overran Russia. The last time this happened, it cost more than 23 million Russian lives.
I mean, imagine the look on the face of the Portuguese if their entire population had been wiped out… twice.

Anyway, time for Russia to let down the blinds. In the last couple of decades, this so-called Iron Curtain has worn off a bit though. No problem as long as the ‘friendly’ dictators of Belarus and Ukraine were standing shoulder to shoulder to seal off the plains.
A couple of years ago, however, the latter was sent packing, and efforts are underway to install a democracy in Ukraine.

‘An effing democracy on my doorstep?’ said Putin.
In his mind, democracies have become obsolete, a thing of the past. ‘It is getting a bit drafty around Belarus. Imagine another idiot at the helm in the west, and we might get overrun all over again.’
‘No chance of that happening,’ answered Biden. ‘We are putting the biggest idiot in jail for his failed coup attempt on January 6, 2021.’
‘Yeah, right, like you jailed Hitler, I suppose, less than a hundred years ago, for his failed coup attempt. No way, José Biden! I’m going in!’

By the way, isn’t it ironic that the historically most imperialist countries are crying wolf these days?

I don’t think so. Putin will restore a ‘friendly’ regime in Ukraine, and we will wash our hands in innocence — ‘Sorry, no Nato partner, no skin off our nose!’
And when the GOP — AKA The Kremlin Gremlins — has restored its power, everything will be back to normal. What on earth can happen with geniuses at the helm, like Putin, Jinping, Jong-un, Bolsonaro, Maduro, Johnson, Erdogan, Salman, Duterte, Trump, and the likes?

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...