Scientia potentia est

Knowledge is power.
That’s why, for ages and ages, the powers that be used to exert every effort to get a grip on mass media – a powerful propaganda tool.

Not long ago, however, a smart Russian – in this case a very smart Russian – stumbled across a far cheaper way to influence public opinion by simply making use of the infinite gullibility of the masses. He found out they just believe anything they want to believe if one messes with their most basic instinct: fear.

As he wanted the US to lose their status as a world power, he made use of the raw stupidity of the average US citizen to influence the process of the presidential elections in 2016. Americans are literally willing to vote for Josef ‘fucking’ Stalin as their next president, he knew, if one feeds them the idea that it is good for jobs and pay.
Well, they got what they bargained for. The new president may be a notch down from Stalin, he felt, but… hey, who gives a shit: I don’t really care! Do U?
Though it was a close call, the smart Russian got his way.

As next in line to be the most powerful global economy happened to be the EU, the smart Russian, high-spirited as well as high-heeled, had already tested the trick six months earlier. That too had been a close call, but he had the EU by the balls when the Brexit referendum turned out the way he wanted it to turn out.
Although some of the elections he messed with did not quite go his way, Italy was a hit again.

The EU currently believe they can successfully rein in the imminent insurgence of some of their member states. However, the Russian is far too smart to worry about that. All he needs is a new crisis in Europe to commence a devastating domino effect – for instance a new refugee crisis.

Let me see, the high-heeled Russian is ruminating in his office right now, what are the options here?
To bomb Idlib or not to bomb Idlib, that’s the question. Innit!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...