Native Dutch, fluent in English, Portuguese, Brazilian

Dr. Phil or philistine?
That’s what it is, isn’t it, the choice you face when you have to put your trust in a stranger: ‘Do I confide my work – “my baby” so to speak – to someone who is still wiping the blood off his hands, or to someone who radiates the love, care and attention it obviously needs?’
I can see where you’re coming from; it’s so much more comforting, isn’t it, the thought that you will be getting back your healthy child – instead of some remains.

By the same token, it must be a comforting thought that at the end of the day one gets a FINISHED PRODUCT handed in [and not a quick-‘n’-dirty translation that still needs to be edited and proofread… several times]. Think of the time and money it saves.

Why don’t you have a thorough look at my portfolio and convince yourself?

Just say what you need and I’ll deliver. [Make sure you reel me in before anyone else does!] By all accounts, a Dutch target group will only take a message seriously if it is to-the-point, correct and – therefore – trustworthy. Yours truly is guaranteeing you that quality.

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