Onze Volf en andere parasieten

First of all I want you to know that our relationship with Rebeca (of your shop in Huelva) has always been very good. As her Portuguese is better than my Spanish, we used to communicate with each other (mostly by e-mail) in Portuguese. That has come to a sudden stop. I don’t know why. Maybe she is fed-up with the situation, which I can very well imagine, or maybe she is angry because I told her in my latest e-mail a couple of weeks ago, that we would not mind at all to turn to your shop in Sevilla if Huelva cannot help us. Perhaps she has a problem with a mechanic who has provided her with the wrong information. We simply have no way of knowing.

I will try to give you a brief outline of the situation …
On last October 18 my wife and I received from Rebeca an error report (DTC) with regard to our V70 T5 (matricula 5945QX) which seemed to suggest that the brand new timing-belt was not placed correctly by a garage in Grândola. Correction would cost about € 350, Rebeca told us. Well, the actual cost turned out to be almost four times higher, but, hey, what needs to be done needs to be done – as long as the car is working properly when you return it.

Well it didn’t. Work properly, I mean. Before we got home, which is about a 40 mile drive, the motor-management warning light on the dashboard came on again. And judging by the vibration in the steering the timing-belt was still a wee bit off. It turned out to be nothing special, Rebeca told us when they found time to look at it again. She couldn’t provide us with a new error report though, when we asked for it. Well, we decided, if Rebeca says, it was nothing special, it was nothing special. End of story.

Not exactly. To cut a long story short though, the same thing happened a couple of times. Each time, before we got home, the same warning light came back on. The last time, after the car had been checked again thoroughly, while we were driving a replacement car Rebeca had kindly provided us with, Rebeca told us that the mechanic had found, the error was deeply embedded in the LPG system, and would come with huge costs to resolve. So, if I understand you correctly, I asked Rebeca, the warning light will come on again the very moment that we switch from petrol to LPG. Correct, she said, but for the rest the car is okay – no problem at all, don’t worry, just forget about that warning light, okay? Well, it will be a bit weird if one has no way of knowing when there is a real problem with the warning light already switched on, but, okay then, give us the error report and we shall be on our way! However, again Rebeca could not provide us with a report; the explanation for that was in too much and too fast Spanish for me and my wife to be able to understand.

So, we were off (again, without an error report) and decided, NOT to switch to LPG – the car remained on petrol. Nevertheless, before we got home the warning light came back on again. Are you kidding me!?

That was on a Friday. On the Monday thereafter I wrote to Rebeca, that the story of the mechanic about the LPG system was not exactly right and that we would gladly make a trip to your shop in Sevilla if she thought the problem could be detected there. Since then: silence.

Of course the real problem has been detected in your Huelva shop as well. Why someone decided to keep us in the dark and not to hand over the error report, I don’t know. Mind you, I am not accusing Rebeca of anything; she may have been left in the dark as well. I don’t know. All I know is, that we paid almost €1,400 for a problem not solved.

Please, advise!

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