No more “wir haben es nicht gewusst”

The narrow win by Democrats at the 2018 midterms can only mean one thing according to me: a landslide victory by Trump at the 2020 presidentials.

Because, if the House is turning his presidency into a lame duck in the next two years by hampering its agenda, the one who’s going to capitalise on that is Donald “Duck”.

At least the Germans at the time could claim that they had not exactly anticipated what they were in for when they voted as they did in 1933. And afterwards some could hide behind “wir haben es nicht gewusst”.

The Americans, however, know exactly what they’re voting for in 2020 – barbed wire and concentration camps.
US ethics in a nutshell: As long as the economy is thriving we don’t really care if it’s Adolf “Fucking” Hitler in the WH.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...