Mr Bean and Hadrian´s wall

The last couple of days have been so hard on her Theresa May had to brace herself holding on to – in her own words – ´a glass of whisky and beans on toast´ – a fine sample of the unsurpassed English cuisine. Both were provided, by the way, by her own dear spouse of 38 years – ´which is a long time´, she added, not sounding as complimentary as she presumably intended.

I still do not seem to be able to quite get my head around all this ado about ´hard border´, ´soft border´, and ´backstop´.
I mean, if I am not mistaken Northern Ireland and Scotland voted Remain, didn´t they. So, why not build (or rather resurrect) a hard border between Scotland and England – problem solved.
There must be some bits and pieces left from the time that England was still great, and its Roman rulers tried to protect themselves from barbarian attacks.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...