Make Russia great again

The largest country in the world

Back to the U.S… back to the U.S… back to the U.S.S.R., was part of the lyrics of some Beatles song way back… uhh, then.
Millennials probably place the Beatles in the same era as Beethoven, Brahms, Bach… 
Burt Bacharach, why not? Have it your way, generation B!
While watching The Voice of Portugal on tv last night the undersigned boomer really felt (where it hurts!) the gap with generation Y when I heard one of them youngsters say “Purple Rain? Sorry, I´m not familiar with that song!”
What this all has to do with the title of this post?
Well, I´m getting to that right… NOW.

Watch me sneak from GAP to GOP, from Purple Rain to Golden Shower

Looking at the world map I always considered Russia a huge country. So, now that we are witnessing on live tv how Putin is adding 50 states to his country, we´re watching the making of a… geographic behemoth.
First he put a stooge in the WH and now we see his Kremlin gremlin turn the GOP into The Blob…
No, that does not rhyme, I know – I am merely stating some facts here. All right?
In fact, Russian trolls have been a tremendous success – they have really given Putin´s divide & rule strategy an enormous boost, haven´t they.

Don´t let the sun go down on Vladimir

With America in Putin´s pocket, Great Britain is the current target. Boris(!) “Kremlin gremlin II” Johnson is already in place as Blob… uh, Tory leader. Soon, the sun will never set on the US of Putin.
What´s that? Western Europe, a democratic stronghold?
Just a matter of time, I´m afraid – the Russian troll factories are targeting us as well. Okay, there´s a movement opposing Salvini right now, but… sardines can be grilled, can´t they. Putin has already stated publicly, at the G20 in Osaka: Liberalism has run its course.
So, withhold some more military aid to Ukraine and we will have Men in White Suits all over the place. 
Greenland? `Can be purchased,´ claims Donald “Golden Shower Hair Dye Hairdo” Trump, `from the great city of Denmark, if necessary at gunpoint.´

Sneak peek into the future

Wanna have a sneak peek of what the Western US of P – officially still  referred to as US of A – will look like in a few years from now. Just watch the images of the Uighur detention camps in China – the entire world will be one jolly re-education campsite.
And the beauty of it is – thanks to the trolls, grinding and molding public opinion –  we are selling out the Free World out of Free Will. Shortly, at dawn we shall all salute the white, blue & red flag and shout at the top of our voice: Heil P! Heil P! Heil P!
And in a couple of decades: Heil Hijo de P….!

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