Just kidding


No worries, pal. It´s arrived! Shipwrecks of the Yorkshire Coast! Brilliant! Thank you very much indeed! I know I shall enjoy reading it…Well, “reading” is a bit superfluous, I realise now. What else is one supposed to do with a book – sit on it? Either way it´ll fall apart eventually, I´m afraid. You are right,it was not very well made. I can almost hear the binding crack, when I open it. And I´m almost deaf, for crying out loud! You should sue that printer! Or is his crime barred by statute after 45 years?
I hope you know I am kidding!

However, having thanked you and all, maybe it is now a good moment to say that I haven´t figured you out yet, pal!A couple of month ago you wrote in despair, when we were discussing Br…. Hang on! I cannot bring myself to write the word anymore – let alone, pronounce it. Let´s call it breakup! They keep telling me, that´s not hard to do…Anyway, you were writing: I don´t understand, Jaap, why don´t they just sign off on it, and get it over with!A couple of weeks ago I wrote the very same thing… and you: No can do! Okay, you may say: It´s a bad deal! But… it´s the only effing deal on the table, innit. No-one (and when I say no-one, I do mean nobody!) has come up with an alternative. So, who the hell said: Breaking up ain´t hard to do? 
I hope you know I am kidding!

And another thing is…I appreciate the fact that when one grows older, one is starting to care less and less about other people´s feelings. But aren´t you exaggerating it? I mean, did you really expect that I would want to hear you say that the UK is a Third World country when it comes to treating cancer? I admit, that it had crossed my mind, that Lucy is only boasting of how brilliant the NHS is in order for us not to worry too much, but I allowed myself to play along – santa ignorantia! And then you come along and say: Don´t you believe it! It´s bogus!Why do you have to be a heart breaker?We´ve already established that you are a breakupper…
I hope you know I´m kidding!

Talking about breakuppers! The other day there was one on the 8 o´clock news. He claimed: “Democracy´s dead!”So far, so good. But then he said, pointing at the Houses of Parliament: “The first democracy in the world was invented there, and now they´ve destroyed it!”What did I say just now? Santa ignorantia? Maybe y´all should put a little money into education after breakup. Maybe it will eventually stop people from stating nonsense. 
I hope you know I am kidding!

But, guess what. I´ve been working my butt off during the last couple of weeks, translating documents from English and French into Dutch….
What was that?
No, I´m not kidding.

Maria and I have been to Lisbon last Saturday to attend a concert of my countryman André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra.
And, no, I am not kidding. Tell you all about it next time!

Cheers, mate! And give my love to Sue!
All the best,
Jaap & Maria

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