Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and Happiness

Scientists claim that the Neanderthals were very human.
They probably mean to say: very humane – with an e – as the Neanderthals welcomed us with open arms when we moved out of Africa. Recent studies have proven that the warm welcome did not stop at that: they bedded us.
Long story short, the ‘half-bloods’ that resulted from the promiscuity between Africans and Neanderthals are nowadays generally referred to as Europeans – or Caucasians, in racial terms.

I just minted the word Neanderman, so that we never forget where we come from and what we really are – honour thy mother and thy father!

Anyway, using Europe as base camp the Neandermen set up a trade: we exported the Only True Faith (sometimes even two or three of them) as well as Apartheid (I do wonder sometimes when the Dutch will get their own word for Apartheid) to the other continents and in return we generously accepted pure gold as a token of appreciation. And if the (still 100% pure) humans over there refused to give up their goodies voluntarily, we simply killed them.
Our human half silenced the Neanderthal within us, that said ‘Well, that’s not very nice, is it now!’, by inventing a motto that has rendered blatant crime with impunity ever since: Hey, business is business!

A steady cash flow poured into Europe – our robbers’ den.
The human flow out of Africa has not yet stopped (although it seems to have fallen with 95% since 2015) – some full-blood humans appear to have a good mind to see for themselves where their(!) riches have ended up, and perhaps, in the process, if there’s plenty for everyone… who knows?… have a small bite of it as well – or two?

But some countries suddenly want to put a halt to the flow – not to the cash flow, mind you, but to the human flow.
The so-called Visegrade group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) shout the loudest: Fuck them!
One might easily derive from that slogan: Not much has changed then, since the Neanderthals?
Well, something has changed, as this time ‘Fuck them!’ should be interpreted in a more business-like way, like ‘Kill them!” or “Let them drown!” or “Send them back into the Sahara without water, pointing: Follow that sun!”
Not very humane?
True! I actually wonder what the Visegrade group would answer when the other Neandermen ask: What happened to the solidarity y’all so gladly accepted from us when you wanted to be saved from communism? Hey, Russia, want them back? Putin, they’re yours!

But funnily enough the other Neandermen do not say that.
As a matter of fact the Visegrade group’s motto (‘Fuck them!’) is catching on and spreading like a disease over Europe – like a leprosy, according to French president Macron.

The question is: Why?

If one asks that question, one seldom gets arguments in return.
At least, when yours truly poses the question, I often get in a guttural troglodyte tone of voice: ‘You must be one of them politically correct lefties then!’
Who? Me?
Well, if you mean ‘compared to Attila the Hun’, you may have a point.

I guess that we ourselves must try to reason out the arguments, that somehow seem to be shrouded in secrecy. Let us see…

The pursuit of Happiness, one of the inalienable(!) rights we grant ourselves and deny to our fellow Neandermen, often leads the latter to coveting the goodies we are sitting on.
Usually we deem the question ‘Is there enough for all?’ completely irrelevant – it’s mine! Discussion closed.

Although we have of course found out that being a Have-yacht has contributed next to nothing to our sense of Happiness, we apparently have embraced the next best thing: Be the target of envy. So, we build fences around our goodies – or even walls – in order to keep out the Have-naughts.

Some silly twit(ter)s – who have completely lost their marbles, but cling to the rest of the goodies – are even contemplating to build a wall around their own country. A WALL, for crying out loud! Have they gone AWOL!?
I mean, look what good the Chinese Wall has done us. The place is overrun with Chinese – just look at the sheer number of restaurants!

The more moderate Neandermen have decided this morning in Brussels to optionally(!) reinstall concentration camps on European(!) soil, in order to lock up the full-blood humans coming out of Africa, sometimes – almost disparagingly – referred to as ‘economic migrants in the pursuit of a better life’.
Despicable, innit!

I may have gotten it all wrong, this so-called ‘inalienable right to life, liberty and happiness´ thingy, but if the Neandermen don’t want their fellow men… uhh, real men and women here in Europe, why not opt for the obvious solution: Give them back what we robbed!
If we would only ´allow´ them one(!) fucking per cent of what we stole, they could probably sort out all their educational, infrastructural and health systemic problems in one go.

After that they can go and exploit their huge natural resources (the ones we were not aware of at the time) and probably none of them will ever feel the need again to leave everything behind and risk their life and their families’ in the pursuit of a better one: migrant problem resolved!

We only need to help them make sure that the development aid – Wiedergutmachung would be a better term for it (I wonder when the Germans will finally get their own word for Wiedergutmachung) – does not wind up in the deep pockets of a couple of warlords or corrupt politicians (with Neanderman genes?). Fuck them!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...