‘I don’t need thanks…

… I need tanks,’ president Zelensky could have said today, ‘in order to defend democracy.’

Nevertheless, I can understand why chancellor Scholz is a wee bit reluctant to supply Ukraine with tanks. It is probably not merely because the Germans kicked off the first two world wars, but also because those did not end all that well for them. He realizes they have had more success on the football field than on the battle field. I mean, if you won the World Soccer title four times, why would you wanna go for your third World Sucker title.

Therefore, kein Alleingang!
‘America first?’ says Scholz. ‘By all means! You play your Trump card then! We can bide our time, Biden… Be right behind you.’

As to democracy, sic transit gloria mundi.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...