One market, one voice

Member states opted into the European Union because they decided that the advantages of a common market outweigh the disadvantages.

The British people — or were it merely the English — opted out. All right!
However, now their political representatives want to keep the advantages of a member state, and ditch the disadvantages.
At least, that’s what a source close to EU negotiator Barnier is telling me — “They want to have their cake, and eat it too.”

Boris “All Bark But No Bite” Johnson said this week that the EU need to budge…
No, we don’t. The EU do not need to negotiate a deal, BoJo does; the EU have their common market. You want in or out? Out? Have it your way! In? Be very welcome! But, membership comes with a cost! You don’t want that? Very well, what did you have in mind? What is it that you propose? The ball is in your court… and in your court only!

And what’s this BS all of a sudden about the British people not wanting to give up sovereignty? If one strikes a deal, any deal, one is willing to abide by a set of rules that are not one’s own. And if one abides by someone else’s rules, one is giving up some of one’s own sovereignty — whether you like it or not.
If you don’t want that, the only option that is real, is: No deal!

The same source is telling me, by the way, that Merkel and Macron don’t even answer their phone anymore when BoJo calls (ringtone ‘You can’t always get what you want’).
The message they want to purvey in doing so I feel is clear: Hey, son, if you want to talk, talk to the president of the European Commission — one market, one voice!

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