You remember what bull-shit our parents used to feed us, when we were kids?
“Life is a game of give and take!” and nonsense like that?
Now, ain’t that a scream…!

Well, okay, in the end the joke is on us, I guess. We have to find out ourselves that it just is not true. We have to find out the hard way, that there are only two kinds of people, givers and takers; and we happen to find ourselves at the wrong side of that equation, when it is too late to jump ship…
Am I right or… am I right?
Please, stop me if you feel that I am the one that’s feeding you bull-shit now!

But ask yourself, haven’t we always been there for family and friends, when we felt that they needed someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, and stuff like that?
Well, good for you!
However, please stop right there, sit down for a while, and try to imagine what would happen, if all of a sudden we ourselves would need someone to lean on, for once…
You pictured that!? People are running like hell, aren’t they!? “HEEEELP!!!” Haha!

What’s that? I’m starting to sound like a grumpy old man? Is that a fact now!?
Well, sorry about that! Maybe I should step away from my type-writer for an instant, and have a drink or so…
Actually, I’m craving for a cool glass of vinegar ­čśë

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