Gremlins 3

Some time ago I minted the name Kremlin Gremlins for Bojo and his American friend in the WH. By the same token I could name May the Brussels Gremlin. Assuming that Brussels have always been opposed to Britain´s exit from the EU, they could not have wished for a better ally than Theresa May, could they. I mean, what a shambles she made of things so far.

But, hey, let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that she is being honest when she says she wants to deliver on the British vote for Leave. If that is really her priority she merely has to change Backstop into Hard border, hasn´t she.

Will she dupe the DUPies by doing that?

Nope! Because the DUP was the only political party in Northern Ireland at he time that was opposed to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in the first place. Consequently, May will already have the DUP MPs on board in tomorrow´s vote – for a start.

Granted, those 10 won´t cut it. However, a majority among conservatives as well as a majority among opposition have allegedly always been pro-Brexit. Therefore, the million dollar question in this case is, I suppose: do they consider the British people´s vote on Brexit more important than making good on a twenty year old intergovernmental agreement? If yes, problem solved.

Or am I missing something here? One cannot walk back a governmental decision once it’s made, you say? What about the decision at the time to join the EU? Refusing to except a hard border while at the same time wishing to sever ties with the EU, seems to me like wanting a divorce without a separation – like having your cake and eat it too.

Awkward, isn’t it, to want a divorce without being able to call all the shots. Does that remind you of anything? Of the position of Britain’s former colonies maybe that wanted OUT, but had to accept Britain’s terms in getting there?

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...