Game over

Na, hör mal ganz gut zu, Jeroen, she had whispered in his ear, that Varoufakis character – der heisse Wichser; lieber Gott, würde ich dem gern einen blasen müssen! – is an expert in Game Theory, weisst du – Prisoner’s Dilemma, und mehr von solcher Scheisse! So, what I want you to do, is: Try to squeeze the maximum out of them, and then give in at the last minute! Verstehst du?
Ja, Mama M!

God, was Jeroentje nervous when that little game fell apart: It was not my fault, Big Mama! It was them; they didn’t stick to the rules of our little… uhhh, game! They spoilt it, by running off before “game over”.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...