For the fear of…

Most people seem to worry about the Hereafter; few people seem to be losing any sleep over the Herebefore
I mean, isn’t that just a wee bit weird; that fourteen billion years – give or take a couple of weeks – of death don’t seem to concern us at all, simply because… it happened in the past!?
“Oh, that!? Oh, that’s over and done with, mate! Just forget about it; let bygones be bygones!”

Consequently, one would suppose that people are quite okay with what happens next; with what will happen to their visitor from outer space(?), to their so-called “immortal soul”… after life. ‘Cause our ET will be: “Okay, everything back to normal – seen it, done it, got the T-shirt!”
But, no, none of that! On the contrary, most people raise hell over heaven!

There are even people who don’t want to live their life to the fullest, because of that alleged afterlife…
Memento mori, they say; which means that – for instance – every boner that is not used properly (that is, for procreation) can easily mean a one-way ticket to hell…

Okay, let me try to get this straight…
A so-called immortal soul descends from heaven(?) and slips into some skin, a mortal body. Nobody seems to know how they – I’m referring to the immortal soul here; bear with me, please! – were conceived, how they came into existence. It seems they simply are… being there.

The next question is, when do they slip into our skin…
Is it at conception of their mortal host, is it at our birth? Or do they say: “Wait a minute, is this a viable skin, is it worth our voyage, or is this motherfucker going to die on us as soon as we slip into it? Let’s wait for a couple of hours(?), days(?), weeks(?), months(?), years(?), and see what happens! We don’t want to waste an instant of our eternity; we don’t want to have to go back to – Boring! – heaven before we have seen some action – before we have wasted a perfectly good boner for instance!”

And, do they get to choose their skin at all? Or are they finding out what they’ve got themselves into along the way?
“Now, who in God’s(!) name gave me Billy bloody Graham!?”
By the same token, the poor soul has slipped into the body of a porn-star; then he (or she) is really f…..!
Go directly to HELL! Do not (pass) COME! Do not collect $20!
Sorry, immortal soul, that’s life, innit! Should’ve slipped into some other skin!
“But I was doing just that, slip-sliding into some other skin; as a matter of fact, I – and she – was on the verge of com…”
Well, tough luck, next time choose your skin more carefully, will you!
“But, I didn’t choose at all! And if I did, how t.f. could I have known that that cuddly little baby would grow up to be a pornst… Hang on, hang on! Did you say next time? So, hell’s not eternal, after all!?”
Depends! You’re a Buddhist?
Just asking! Because if you are a christian…
Well, they used to be acolytes of reincarnation, but… they gave it up, you see. I guess they hated life! What can one do? “Free will”, and all that shit!
“Come on, give me a break! Cut me some slack! Let me convert to Buddhism, or Hinduism!”
No can do, mate!

Anyway, if you like this kind of nonsense, you should probably talk to a true believer…
Well, “talk” is not the way to go maybe; as a rule they don’t like to listen, you see. They’re merely programmed to grind out what they’ve been fed when they were kids…
Better, let them do all the talking! Then you’ll see the bullshit really hit the fan…

But, once again, I simply can’t seem to get my mind around why we should worry about the fate of a… uhh, parasite that invaded us at a (very) tender age. I mean, it’s as if at some point in life we cease to be ourselves, and turn into that immortal… uhh, thing(?) that we were infected with a long time ago…
Now, where‘s the logic in that? Or is that line of thought simply rooted in our innate fear of… death?

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. arthur g schreef:

    Hey, heavy stuff, man! There’s no UK equivalent of Billy Graham that I know of, but his name is well known here (as is Jimmy Swaggart, the millionaire-singing-preacher cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis).

    The only grammatical error I could spot is “christian” with a small “C” – or is there a hidden message behind that?

    I’m not familiar with the world of blogging, and don’t really understand how it works, by the way.
    Best, ag

    • Anoniem schreef:

      Much obliged!
      No, no hidden meaning. As a matter of fact i wrote “buddhist” as well, but the spelling-checker didn’t agree, and then waved “christians”. It’s just that in Dutch we write “ajacieden” when we refer to “Ajax-supporters”. Therefore, I’m inclined to write “christians” and “buddhists”, when I refer to “Christ-supporters” and “Buddha-supporters”. That’s the entire (boring) explanation, I’m afraid.
      The world of blogging is quite simple, my friend. I suppose that you kept a “log” on the voyages with your yacht “Alison”. If you would have been on-line in the middle of the ocean, you could have kept a “web-log”. Soon after the latter came into existence, someone – trying to be funny, I suppose – wrote “we blog”, meaning “we are web-logging”. Hence the word “blog”, which caught on fast (or should I say “which went viral”?).