Fb or… not to be

Well, I am back at Facebook.
Yes, I know you haven’t missed me, thank you.
I am not sure why I left in the first place actually. It had something to do with discrimination…

Yes, I remember now. I had just read an article on CNN about the young chap that bravely held down a robber until police arrive. Well, the cops turned up and… shot him dead. Because the criminal was white, you see, and the brave young chap was not that ‘fortunate’.
Still fuming the next article I read was about discrimination at the Facebook organisation…
Okay, that’s it, I’m out! I may be piss-white on the outside, you see, but this dude happens to be pitch-black on the inside – believe you me! No, I am not what one would call ‘a proud member of the white race’ – it being the most destructive and lethiferous of them all. One of the most shamefaced members maybe.

I didn’t even stop to check if the article was for real or perhaps another example of fake news. I just felt I needed to do something, anything – make a statement. So I quit my account. And it felt good. I must have accumulated some ill will towards Facebook somehow, otherwise I cannot quite explain the incredible sense of relief afterwards. Mingled with a sense of pride that I had found my way out of the woods all by myself – without any help from one of my internet-savvy friends.

I immediately received an email message from Facebook stipulating that my data would be definitively removed within 30 days.
Yeah, right, as if I might change my mind – hasta la vista, baby, I shan’t be back!

A couple of days later I suddenly remembered I had not yet responded to a question sent to me via Messenger. In an attempt to repair that omission I drew a blank – Messenger was not operational anymore. Yours truly may have been the only mortal oblivious to the fact that Messenger is dependent on Facebook – conditio sine qua non – but… hey, come on, what’s next? They will pull my citizenship, next time I quit, or pull a Khashoggi on me?
Facebook may be racist as hell, but they do not have any qualms about resorting to blackmail, do they.

So, no hasta la vista, baby. I’m back!

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