Cell phone mania


If one day I attain your level of irony, I shall be a proud man. Frisian blood is pretty high-grade irony wise, but after reading just a few of your lines, I always realise I know nothing. It reminds me of the time I had the growing feeling that I had pretty much figured it all out, how the world works. This was before I was mercilessly hit by death and doom – a bit like running into a brick wall. That happened years before we met of course. Come to think of it, chances are I would never have left on my odyssee if I had not met that wall. Thanks, wally!
And, yes, you taught me everything you know as well, and yet I know nothing. Woohaaaa! I feel like that little Manuel from Fawlty Towers who used to say: I´m from Barcelona – I know nothing-k. 

As to your labour lady… 
I assume we all know the feeling how a little white lie can spin out of control and turn into a huge black hole (no pun intended). And as to her alleged traffic violations, I can tell you this. When I am driving the 14 miles stretch that separates us from Mértola, and I meet three cars, it´s a lot. Out of those three there at least four people fiddling around with their cellphone while driving, and at least five have unquestionably enjoyed a lunch bien arrosé. That´s why I never climb behind the wheel without downing half a bottle of wine first – in order to be able to go with the flow, if you can see where I´m coming from. 
So, don´t be too hard on your labour lady, or else... I shall scrupulously comb through the manuscripts of your autobiog, that I am proofreading right now, in search of similar incidents. 😉

All the best to you both,
with love from JaM

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