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Some people compare what’s happening in the US to the beginning of The Third Reich. I’m sorry, I don’t see that. Because Hitler demanded ‘Lebensraum’ for the Arian people; but if ‘Adolf’ Trump goes...


Multiple choice

The US are: A. a third-world country in declineB. the last dictatorship of the continent C. a banana republicD. the North Korea of the Americas Mind you, more than one answer can apply!


The only two persons who do not underestimate the fathomless stupidity of the average voter are POTUS and Putin.

Fuck the future

Yeah, that´s what I and the President of the United States have in common: We don´t give a damn about the future of our kids. The difference is: I don´t have any.

Not at all a Never Trumper

It seems I am considered to be a typical Never Trumper. I haven’t got a clue why actually. I do think he plays the game brilliantly. And I do honestly believe that, if he...

O mundo ao contrário

Há um puto que denunciou a corrupção da filha do antigo presidente angolês, bem como a corrupção a alto nível no futebol português. Perguntinha: Quem ficou nos calabouços? A filha do antigo presidente? Não,...

O pior do mundo

Desde o nosso campeonato europeu ficámos um pouco sentados e parados. Mesmo no que diz respeito à corrupção a alto nível ficamos no meio da tabela nos tempos que correm. Felizmente a gente pode...

Burka required

All these Wuhan citizens wearing masks in order to fend off the coronavirus make me wonder: Will those political parties, that (let themselves be ruled by fear and therefore) used to be in favor...

Trump: Fear in the WH

The President wants the people who talked to woodwork come out of the Woodward. The good news today is, I guess: the President does not have AIDES.