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“Fique em casa”

Sou eu ou parece mesmo que as únicas pessoas que se estão a borrifar para esta regra são os habitantes da ‘casa mais vigiada do país’.

WH on drugs

I’m no expert, but isn’t it the general idea that kids dress up like zombies, vampires, and similar horrible monsters at Halloween? If that is so… shouldn’t POTUS and FLOTUS not look at least...


Whatever happens, I hope the US get the president they deserve.


Hjoed binne der yn totaal al 1995 lju kroandea yn Portegal. Dat, moarn berikke wy de twatûzen.


I never thought we’d see something positive coming out of Trump.

“The sniffs — don’t panic!”

What I don’t understand is why POTUS did not play down his indisposition in order to “not cause a panic”, instead of rushing over to next-door Walter Reed Medical Center — in a helicopter,...


Some people compare what’s happening in the US to the beginning of The Third Reich. I’m sorry, I don’t see that. Because Hitler demanded ‘Lebensraum’ for the Arian people; but if Trump goes on...

Multiple choice

The US are: A. a third-world country in declineB. the last dictatorship of the continent C. a banana republicD. the North Korea of the Americas Mind you, more than one answer can apply!


The only two persons who do not underestimate the fathomless stupidity of the average voter are POTUS and Putin.