Born at the wrong side of the barbed wire

Recently the Haves born at the right side of the track have roped in the less fortunate and rammed down their throat that all the wrong-doing and all the discrimination was just playfulness on their part: “Hahaha! Because the real enemy are the ones who were born at the wrong side of the barbed wire!”

And those born at the wrong side of the track seem to have swallowed the bait, judging by the ballots cast at the Midterms.

Nobody seems to want to rule in the possibility that the love-of-their-life might be in that caravan – which by the way is still hundreds of miles away from the Mexican-US border. Or a future Nobel Prize winner – for having found a cure for cancer for instance. Or somebody who may be at the right place at the right time to save their little girl from drowning.
No, most Americans seem convinced that every single person in the caravan is set on drowning their little girl.

Therefore, they want to create the largest concentration camp ever by building a wall and putting up barbed wire. Concentration camps within US territory are just a matter of time, I fear.

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