All chiefs, no nurses

My main man,

You´re on the ball, my friend. If all that is really going on in Brussels, it is of course a blatant waste of tax payers´ money. Fortunately there is none of that going on in Westminster, in Her Majesty´s Government, as all the world has been witnessing (sometimes even on live TV) over the last couple of years. 😉
But seriously, if I were an industrious and patient bloke like you I could probably think up a list of advantages of having an international institution in Brussels (or wherever) that is trying to create some solidarity (and fairness?) between the peoples in the European region. With varying degrees of success, I admit. Things go off the rails at times, especially when individual human instincts kick in. 
And, no, my friend, to my modest opinion pointing at social ills does not make one a racist. On the contrary, as white persons we have the god-given obligation to show our less-fortunate fellowman the way to a brighter future, for we all know the white race has a hidden(!) talent for that, and never… ever did have anything to do with conquest, usurpation, slavery, war or any other crime against humanity. That´s why I am still racking my brains where our European wealth comes from. Compare
But, of course, if you insist on throwing the baby out along with the bath water, by all means feel free to do so. I feel the problem with that is: if we forget history we are destined (or should I say doomed) to repeat it. Like… war, huh, what is it good for: absolutely nothing… sing it again… 

Depressed? You won´t be, after the next episode of the Nine o´clock News. 😉

We face-timed with Lucy this afternoon, by the way. She and Colin found time in between her therapy sessions to visit us for a couple of days, some three weeks from now, as they don´t know how complicated (bureaucracy-wise) these trips will turn after the UK crashes out of the EU. As a matter of fact, you never know, Lucy may wind up in a concentration camp – another great gift from the British people to the world. I hope you know (when) I´m kidding. I sometimes feel that urge, very rarely though. 
But, it is true, a lot of Portuguese families, of which some have been living in the UK for ages, are seriously contemplating returning to their roots for good. ´The atmosphere definitely changed since the referendum,´ they claim, ´we wanna go home.´ Home where the heart is (and no job or money). Well, at least they will finally get some sun on their back again. Nevertheless, your NHS – for instance – may have a personnel problem shortly if the Iberian nurses pack their bags and go. But, hey, there´s always India. And Africa of course. 

Lots of love,

Jaap and Maria (the very last of the Mohicans) 

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